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  startx -- -depth 16 
  startx -- -dpi 100 
  startx -- -layout Multihead 
+startx can also be used to start a program without a window manager, which can be useful for kiosks and other displays that need to be locked down:  
+ startx "konqueror --geometry 800x600-1+1"  
+You can run multiple X sessions on the same computer (if you wanted to run different window managers at the same time). If you already have an X session running you can hit CTRL-ALT-F1 to get to a text console, login and type:  
+ startx -- :1  
+This command will open up a new xsession on your second X console, then you can switch back and forth between these X consoles using the CTRL-ALT-F7/CTRL-ALT-F8 combos. In the same way you can have quite a few X consoles open (ie ''startx -- :2'' becomes CTRL-ALT-F9 and ''startx -- :n'' becomes CTRL-ALT-F''(n+7)''  
 Note that in the Debian system, what many people traditionally put in the ''.xinitrc'' file should go in ''.xsession'' instead; this permits the same X environment to be presented whether ''startx'' , ''xdm'' , or ''xinit'' is used to start the X session. All discussion of the ''.xinitrc'' file in the xinit(1) manual page applies equally well to ''.xsession.'' Keep in mind that ''.xinitrc'' is used only by xinit(1) and completely ignored by xdm(1). 
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