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 A macro package that is used in a document is specified by 
 the command line option -m for the formatter like troff -m 
 name or groff -m name. General details on the naming of 
 macro packages and their placement is found in 
-__ groff_tmac__ (5). 
 Famous classical macro packages are ''man'', 
 ''mandoc'', and ''mdoc'' for manual pages and 
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 A colon separated list of directories in which to search for 
-macro files, see __ groff_tmac__ (5). 
+macro files, see groff_tmac(5). 
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 Postprocessors for the output devices: grodvi(1), 
-grohtml(1), grolbp(1), __ grolj4__ (1), 
+grohtml(1), grolbp(1), grolj4(1), 
 grops(1), and grotty(1). 
 Standard preprocessors: eqn(1), grn(1), 
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 soelim(1), and tbl(1). 
 The man pages for macro packages include 
-__ groff_tmac__ (5), __groff_man__(7),  
-__ groff_markup__ (7), __groff_mdoc__(7),  
-__ groff_mdoc.samples__ (7), __groff_me__(7),  
-__ groff_mm__ (7), __groff_mmroff__(7), and  
-__ groff_ms__ (7). 
+groff_tmac(5), __groff_man__(7),  
+groff_markup(7), __groff_mdoc__(7),  
+groff_mdoc.samples(7), __groff_me__(7),  
+groff_mm(7), __groff_mmroff__(7), and  
 The following utilities are available: addftinfo(1), 
 afmtodif(1), hpftodit(1), indxbib(1), 
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 and gxditview(1). 
 For details on the GNU implementation of the ''roff'' 
-system see __ groff_char__ (7), __groff_font__(7),  
-__ groff_out__ (7), and the file ''README'' in the main 
+system see groff_char(7), __groff_font__(7),  
+groff_out(7), and the file ''README'' in the main 
 directory of the groff source distribution. These also give 
 details on how to contact or join the ''groff'' developer 
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