cal, ncal - displays a calendar and the date of easter SYNOPSIS

cal [-jy? [[


year ]

ncal [-jJpwy? [-s country_code? [ [[month? year ]ncal [-Jeo? [year?DESCRIPTION

Cal displays a simple calendar in traditional format and ncal offers an alternative layout, more options and the date of easter. The new format is a little cramped but it makes a year fit on a 25x80 terminal. If arguments are not speci- fied, the current month is displayed.

The options are as follows
  • J Display Julian Calendar, if combined with the -eoption, display date of easter according to theJulian Calendar.
  • eDisplay date of easter (for western churches).-jDisplay Julian days (days one-based, numbered fromJanuary 1).-oDisplay date of orthodox easter (Greek and !RussianOrthodox? Churches).-pPrint the country codes and switching days fromJulian to Gregorian Calendar as they are assumed byncal. The country code as determined from the localenvironment is marked with an asterisk.-s country_codeAssume the switch from Julian to Gregorian Calendarat the date associated with the country_code. If notspecified, ncal tries to guess the switch date fromthe local environment or falls back to September 2,1752. This was when Great Britain and her coloniesswitched to the Gregorian Calendar.-wPrint the number of the week below each week column.-yDisplay a calendar for the current year.A single parameter specifies the year (1 - 9999) to be dis-played; note the year must be fully specified: ``cal 89 will not'' display a calendar for 1989. Two parameters denote the month (1 - 12) and year.

A year starts on Jan 1.


calendar(3)?, strftime(3) HISTORY

A cal command appeared in v6 UNIX. The ncal command appeared in FreeBSD 2.2.6. AUTHORS

The ncal command and manual were written by Wolfgang Helbig BUGS

The assignment of Julian - Gregorian switching dates to country codes is historically naive for many countries.

BSD December 16, 1997 1

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