micq interactive commands DESCRIPTION

This manual page describes the commands that can be used within micq. This page holds the same information as the online help. COMMANDS

trans [lang?

Switch to the language lang, given by iso code,or output translation string number nr. Toselect the default language given by the environ-ment variables LANG, LC_ALL and LC_MESSAGES, use!, auto or default. To select no translation atall, use ., none or unload. To get debugginginformation, prefix it with debug. To get funnymessages, postfix it with _fun.The files from /.micq/i18n/.i18n take precedenceover the global ones, while the , unless specified other- wise. Beware, it will clobber any comments in this file.

r [message? Reply to last message received. Without message multi-line message mode is enabled. To send the multi-line message, put a period (.) on a line of its own. To cancel the message, put a hash sign (#) on a line of its own.

a [message? Send a message to the last person you sent a mes- sage to. See r for behaviour without message.

msg uin|nickname / [message? Send a message to uin|nickname. See r for behaviour without message.

msga Send a multiple line message to everyone on your list. Use a period (.) on a line of its own to send the message, or a hash sign (#) on a line of its own to cancel the message.

uptime Show the time micq has been running.

last [uin? Show a list of users who have sent you messages or the last message received from uin|nickname.

verbose verb Set verbosity of micq to verb, default is 0, max- imum is 5.

clear Clear the screen.

sound [command? Toggle sound on or off, or set to command.

soundonline [command? Toggle sound for users coming online on or off, or set to command.

soundoffline [command? Toggle sound for users going offline on or off, or set to command.

q Quit micq.

auto [on? Turn auto reply messages on or off. If neither on or off is given the auto reply messages are dis- played.

auto status message Change auto reply message for status status to message.

autoaway [timeout? Toggles auto away, or set the timeout to timeout.

alter command new Make command initially or previously known as command from now on known as new.

auth uin|nickname Allow uin|nickname to add you to their list.

rand number Find a random user in interest group number.

pass password Changes your icq password to password. Note: you should alter your password directly in your .micq/micqrc file (see micqrc(7)?).

search email Search for a user with email as their email address.

add uin nickname Add uin to your contact list as nickname.

w List all people in your contact list.

e List all people who are online in your contact list.

wide List all people who are in your contact list in a screen wide format.

i List all the people on your ignore list.

togvis nickname Toggles whether nickname can see you when you are invisible.

info uin|nickname Show the info for uin|nickname.

status nickname Show the status of nickname. This includes IP address, ICQ protocol version and connection type.

togig nickname Toggles whether nickname is on your ignore list or not.

change [number? Changes your status to number. Without a number it lists some available modes.

reg password Creates a new user account with password password.

online Change status to Online.

away Change status to Away.

na Change status to Not Available.

occ Change status to Occupied.

dnd Change status to Do not Disturb.

ffc Change status to Free for Chat.

inv Change status to Invisible

update Updates your basic user information (email, nick- name, etc.).

other Updates other user information like age and sex.

about Updates your about user information.

set option value Set option option to either on or off. option can be color or funny.

setr [number? Sets your random user group to number. Without argument, lists possible interest groups.

tcp command uin|nick Operate command command on user given by UIN uin or nick name nick. command can be open to open a peer to peer connection over TCP to the user, or close to close and reset such a connection, or off to switch off trying to establish such a con- nection for sending messages until it is explic- itly opened or reset.


micq(1), micqrc(5) AUTHOR

This man page was created by James Morrison

for a

reference to all interactive commands in micq.

MICQ(7)? February 15, 2002 1

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