micq - a small, text mode ICQ client SYNOPSIS

micq [-v? [-f filename? DESCRIPTION

mICQ is a text based ICQ client supporting many of the ICQ features provided by the client by Mirabillis. Micq allows to change the user password, create new accounts, updating user info, search other users, etc. OPTIONS

  • v [level?

Set verbose mode, or set verbosity to level.-f filenameUse filename as the rc file.-l file|dirUse file as file to write log into, or use dir as adirectory to create per user log files in.-?, -hPrint usage.FEATURES

mICQ is very portable and has run on Linux, DOS, OS/2, Win32, BeOS, AmigaOS, GNU HURD and any other modern unix system. mICQ version 0.4.8 is known to run on Linux, GNU HURD and other unices. However, the other ports may or may not still work and anyone wishing to test them is welcome to. HISTORY

16 Aug 1998

Matthew D. Smith releases micq unto the world.Followed by 12 dated releases until 25 Sept 1998.05 Jan 2001Matthew D. Smith died in a car accident. Userspick up where Matthew left off, formalize micqunder the BSD license and restart the developmentof mICQ.MAILING-LIST

The micq mailing list is Information about subscribing and archives is available at DOWNLOAD

Via HTTP from To get the newest version from CVS, enter cvs login empty password, hit enter cvs

  • z3 co micq


micqrc(5), micq(7) FILES


Old configuration file for mICQ - obsolete./.micq/micqrcConfiguration file for mICQ.PREFIX/share/micq/.i18nInternationalization files containing transla-tions of all strings mICQ outputs./.micq/i18n/.i18nLocal overrides for the files above./.micq/history/Default location of directory where log files arecreated in.BUGS

Send bug reports or comments to Rico Gl AUTHOR

This manual page was derived by James Morrison


the minimal man page written by Jordi Mallach

for the Debian

GNU/Linux system.

MICQ(1)? February 15, 2002 1

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