man2html - Manpage to HTML Converter


man2html is a Perl program to convert formatted nroff output to HTML.


Usage: $PROG [ options? < infile > outfile


Do not put in HTML, HEAD, BODY tags
-belem <elem>
HTML Element for overstriked text (def: "B")
-botm <#>
Number of lines for bottom margin (def: 7)
-cgiurl <url>
URL for linking to other manpages
-cgiurlexp <url>
Perl expression URL for linking to other manpages
Compress consective blank lines
-headmap <file>
Filename of user section head map file
This message
Process a keyword search result
-leftm <#>
Character width of left margin (def: 0)
Do not remove pagination lines
Turn off section head detection
-pgsize <#>
Number of lines in a page (def: 66)
Link to other manpages only in the SEE ALSO section
Process keyword search result in Solaris format
Section heads are not overstriked in input
-title <string>
Title of manpage (def: Not defined)
-topm <#>
Number of lines for top margin (def: 7)
-uelem <elem>
HTML Element for underlined text (def: "I")


Earl Hood,