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 generating HTML this should translate into the HTML command 
 ____''u''____. There is 
 an exception: if ''u'' is the special value 
 ''UE__ (this permits 
-disabling hypertext links in phrases like LALR(1) when 
+disabling hypertext links in phrases like ! LALR(1) when 
 linking is not appropriate). These hypertext link 
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 By all means include full URLs (or URIs) in the text itself; 
-some tools such as __ man2html__ (1) can automatically turn 
+some tools such as man2html(1) can automatically turn 
 them into hypertext links. You can also use the new 
 __UR__ macro to identify links to related information. If 
 you include URLs, use the full URL (e.g., 
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 apropos(1), groff(1), man(1), 
-__ man2html__ (1), mdoc(7), __mdoc.samples__(7), 
+man2html(1), mdoc(7), __mdoc.samples__(7), 
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