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 inet_aton, inet_addr, inet_network, inet_ntoa, inet_makeaddr, inet_lnaof, inet_netof - Internet address manipulation routines 
+ __#include <sys/socket.h>__  
+ __#include <netinet/in.h>__  
+ __#include <arpa/inet.h>__  
- __#include  
- __''cp''__, struct in_addr *__''inp''__);  
-in_addr_t inet_addr(const char *__''cp''__);  
-in_addr_t inet_network(const char *__''cp''__);  
-char *inet_ntoa(struct in_addr__ ''in''__);  
-struct in_addr inet_makeaddr(int__ ''net''__, int__ ''host''__);  
-in_addr_t inet_lnaof(struct in_addr__ ''in''__);  
-in_addr_t inet_netof(struct in_addr__ ''in''__);  
- __ 
+ __int inet_aton(const char * __''cp''__, struct in_addr *__''inp''__);__  
+ __ in_addr_t inet_addr(const char *__''cp''__);__  
+ __ in_addr_t inet_network(const char *__''cp''__);__  
+ __ char *inet_ntoa(struct in_addr__ ''in''__);__  
+ __ struct in_addr inet_makeaddr(int__ ''net''__, int__ ''host''__);__  
+ __ in_addr_t inet_lnaof(struct in_addr__ ''in''__);__  
+ __ in_addr_t inet_netof(struct in_addr__ ''in''__);__ 
 __inet_aton()__ converts the Internet host address 
@@ -78,11 +68,11 @@
 __inet_netof()__ is defined in ''netinet/in.h'' 
-struct in_addr {  
-unsigned long int s_addr;  
+ struct in_addr {  
+ unsigned long int s_addr;  
 Note that on the i80x86 the host byte order is Least 
 Significant Byte first, whereas the network byte order, as 
@@ -95,7 +85,7 @@
 gethostbyname(3), getnetent(3), 
-inet_ntop(3), __ inet_pton__ (3), hosts(5), 
+inet_ntop(3), inet_pton(3), hosts(5), 
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