Exporting a tape drive via iSCSI

The Enterprise iSCSI Target stack doesn't really support tapes yet, however there is a patch available to export RAW devices via iSCSI. This only applies to a specific version of iscsitarget however!. Full support is on the roadmap, but as of this writing (September 2008) there's no guarantee when or if it'll happen.

You'll need iscsitarget version 0.4.14, eg from

Apply the patch for rawio support from here:

Build and install manually

To configure iet, use lsscsi to find the appropriate HCIL numbers:

[4:0:0:0]    tape    HP       Ultrium 4-SCSI   U24W  /dev/st0

and then use something like the following in your ietd.conf

     Lun 0 H=1,C=0,I=6,L=0,Type=rawio
     Type 1

Exporting a tape autoloader via iSCSI

Tape autoloaders work fine using the above version of iscsitarget and the rawio patch. You have to export both the tape drive devices and the changer device as the same target name.

Find the HCIL numbers with lsscsi:

[4:0:0:0]    tape    HP       Ultrium 4-SCSI   U24W  /dev/st0
[4:0:0:1]    mediumx HP       1x8 G2 AUTOLDR   1.70  -

And then use something like the following in your ietd.conf:

Lun 0 H=4,C=0,I=0,L=0,Type=rawio
Type 1

Lun 1 H=4,C=0,I=0,L=1,Type=rawio
Type 1

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