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@@ -17,15 +17,11 @@
 __#include __ 
-__FILE *fopen (const char *__''path''__, const char  
- *__''mode''__);  
-FILE *fdopen (int__ ''fildes''__, const char  
- *__''mode''__);  
-FILE *freopen (const char *__''path''__, const char  
- *__''mode''__, FILE  
- *__''stream''__);__ 
+__FILE *fopen (const char *__''path''__, const char *__''mode''__);__%%%  
+__ FILE *fdopen (int__ ''fildes''__, const char *__''mode''__);__%%%  
+__ FILE *freopen (const char *__''path''__, const char *__''mode''__, FILE *__''stream''__);__ 
 The __fopen__ function opens the file whose name is the 
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