animate - animate a sequence of images


animate [__ ''options'' __...? file ''options'' ...? file ...]


Animate displays a sequence of images on any workstation display running an X server. animate first determines the hardware capabilities of the workstation. If the number of unique colors in an image is less than or equal to the number the workstation can support, the image is displayed in an X window. Otherwise the number of colors in the image is first reduced to match the color resolution of the workstation before it is displayed.

This means that a continuous-tone 24 bits-per-pixel image can display on a 8 bit pseudo-color device or monochrome device. In most instances the reduced color image closely resembles the original. Alternatively, a monochrome or pseudo-color image sequence can display on a continuous-tone 24 bits-per-pixel device.

To help prevent color flashing on X server visuals that have colormaps, animate creates a single colormap from the image sequence. This can be rather time consuming. You can speed this operation up by reducing the colors in the image before you mogrify to color reduce the images to a single colormap. See __mogrify(1)? for details. Alternatively, you can use a Standard Colormap; or a static, direct, or true color visual. You can define a Standard Colormap with xstdcmap. See xstdcmap(1)?__ for details. This method is recommended for colormapped X server because it eliminates the need to compute a global colormap.


To animate a set of images of a cockatoo, use:

animate cockatoo.*

To animate a cockatoo image sequence while using the Standard Colormap best, use:

xstdcmap -best animate -map best cockatoo.*

To animate an image of a cockatoo without a border centered on a backdrop, use:

animate +borderwidth -backdrop cockatoo.*


For a more detailed description of each option, see !ImageMagick(1).


display the image centered on a backdrop.


the background color


the border color


the border width


megabytes of memory available to the pixel cache


remove pixels from the interior of an image


define the colormap type


preferred number of colors in the image


the type of colorspace


preferred size and location of the cropped image


enable debug printout


display the next image after pausing


vertical and horizontal resolution in pixels of the image


depth of the image


specifies the X server to contact


GIF disposal method


apply Floyd/Steinberg error diffusion to the image


use this font when annotating the image with text


define the foreground color


level of gamma correction


preferred size and location of the Image window.


print usage instructions


specify the icon geometry


iconic animation


the type of interlacing scheme


display image using this type.


store matte channel if the image has one


specify the matte color


transform the image to black and white


name an image


NOOP (no option)


pause between animation loops [animate?


perform a remote operation


apply Paeth image rotation to the image


range of image scene numbers to read


use shared memory


width and height of the image


font for writing fixed-width text


assign title to displayed image

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