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 Lock it with <code>sudo chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf</code> 
 This will permanently lock your DNS-values. (to unlock, use chattr -i) 
+!! Connecting to Xtra with an external modem  
+When testing a 733MHz Compaq with 384MB RAM, running Ubuntu 8.10 (reasonably acceptable performance!), I ran into problems trying to get it to connect to Xtra via an external modem. For some reason, which I haven't worked out yet, both gnome-ppp and kppp refused to talk to the modem. wvdial worked fine, except the login always failed - wvdial responded to Xtra's 3rd prompt "Login/Network User:" by replying with the username instead of "PPP".  
+I succeeded by running pppconfig, and then changing the last few lines of the chat script in /etc/chatscripts as follows:-  
+# ispname  
+ogin: your_username  
+# isppassword  
+ssword: your_password  
+# postlogin  
+User: PPP  
+'' \d\c  
+# end of pppconfig stuff  
+Commands pon and poff then connected/disconnected as required.