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 X509 is a standard for defining a DigitalCertificate. It is the signing system used for [SSL]. The [X509] PublicKey security model is almost completely incompatible with the [OpenPGP] PublicKey security model, but they serve very different purposes. [X509] is heirarchical and commerce-oriented, whereas [PGP]/[GPG] is massively distributed, very fault tolerant and works using a WebOfTrust. 
-Some useful documentation on X509 certificates: /1.2/docs/guide/security/cert3.html.  
+Some useful documentation on X509 certificates: /1.4 .2/docs/guide/security/cert3.html 
 Some information about how to implement [X509]: This is also just an interesting read to find out why X509 is such a bizarre standard 
 Things that use X509 certificates: 
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 !!Why you won't find much [X509] information on the [InterNet] 
 The [X509] standard was developed by the [ITU-T] which changes money for version of the standard, rather than making them freely avaliable over the InterNet. This is not a problem if you work for a big telecommunications company which has the resources to get you a copy of the standard, but can be a significant barrier to entry for smaller players and OpenSource developers. This may be a reason for the lack of [X509] support in the open source world, expecially compared to things like [OpenPGP] and other freely avaliable standards. 
+__Breaking news!__ the ITU is allowing you to download any 3 specifications per year for free. Which is great since things like [X509] rely on other standards, but by 2033 you may have enough information! :)