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 !! About WLUG 
 * Learn about the WaikatoLinuxUsersGroup (WLUG). 
 * We are an incorporated society (see WlugIncorporated), generally steered by the WlugCommittee. 
-* Have a look at our recent/upcoming WlugActivities
+* Have a look at our recent/upcoming [WLUG activities|SideBar]
 * Check out our annual SoftwareFreedomDay event 
 * If you want to know about meetings, see the sidebar at the right of the page. 
 * The [people|Category:HomePage] in the [LUG] (and stuff they're [buying and selling | GarageSale]) 
 * Learn how to JoinWlug, and the benefits of doing so. 
-* Our [file archive | http://www] is full of useful stuff. 
+* Our [file archive | http://wiki] is full of useful stuff. 
 * Participate in the WlugMailingList 
 !! Useful links for WLUG members: 
 * If you have just become a member, and want to have an [Email] address <tt></tt> or shell account set up, read about the WlugServer and email the required information to secretary (<tt></tt>). 
 * Learn about the WlugLibrary, or browse and checkout items from our [online database|]. You can also request books for the library to acquire on the WantedBooks page. 
 * Once you have an account set up, read WlugMailNotes for hints.