A user of the MicrosoftWindows platform. The vast majority of them have absolutely no interest in computers and use them because they have or need to.

A small number of WindowsUsers does have an interest in computers and enjoys their particular OperatingSystem of choice. (See also WellThoughtOutReasonsToRunWindows.) Some of them have similar fervor as MacFanatics. Others are reasoned and go about their business; those are few, but they do exist, and they and (sensible) Linux folk get along. (Of course, sensible folk are the minority in every camp.)

There is a significant faction of WindowsUsers who simply found their way to computers with that OperatingSystem and have developed an interest in them, but have a number of frustrations with the system. Quite a few of this group have a desire to use Linux; commonly, they are intimidated either by the system itself or the effort they assume will be required to learn the ropes on this new thing. (To some extent, this is justified, because LinuxIsNotWindows.)

And then, there are very vocal crowds of WindowsUsers who fear the CommandLine and believe MicrosoftCorporation's products and their clickety GUIs are the epitome of user friendliness. This tends to be especially true for the "gamers" faction among them. They might have been MacFanatics, had they been introduced to that line of computers before they got used to the way Windows does things and formed enough habits and inertia to despise every system that does things another way.

Do not try to argue with folks of this ilk.

A small but significant fraction of them will eventually discover some KDE app or some such that does what their most frequently used MicrosoftWindows app does, in a similar way. Upon that moment, they spontaneously turn into the worst kind Linux know-it-alls (with no actual knowledge to show for their zealotry). It seems as though Slashdot is a central gathering place for this particular breed of Luser.

Again, never argue with them.

Fortunately, at least a minority of them seem to eventually develop some knowhow and mellow out through constant exposure to Linux.


Someone who wants their computer to be a tool, not a chore.