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1 CraigBox 1 The common name for MicrosoftWindows.
3 LawrenceDoliveiro 3 Note: MicrosoftCorporation does NOT own this name! (Though various European courts have [disagreed|].) MicrosoftCorporation tried to sue (now [Linspire]) over dilution of their trademark, but judges in the US said that Windows was a common term used for any windowing system and there was plenty of prior art before they came along. However, as a result of the decisions of the European courts, Lindows was forced to change its name to Linspire.
1 CraigBox 4
3 LawrenceDoliveiro 5 Examples of prior similar usage: "X Windows" (an officially deprecated, but commonly-used name for the [X Window System|TheXWindowingSystem]), and derivations thereof, such as "DECWindows" and "OpenWindows".