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 This chipset is used in low-end passive ISDN BRI cards, typically used for Asterisk etc. 
 As of June 2006, I had no luck getting these cards to work with the HEAD branch of mISDN and any recent (2.6.14, 2.6.15, 2.6.16) kernels. The cards would be recognised via misdnportinfo, and misdn-capi would bind correctly and show up via capiinfo. Incoming calls to Asterisk would be connected, however no sound would play and they would disconnect after a short period. Outgoing calls would not connect. 
-In the end I got this working using 2.6.9 and an old version of the drivers, as per [this mailing list post|] 
+In the end I got this working using Debian's 2.6.8 kernel and an old version of the drivers, as per [this mailing list post|] 
 I'm not at all happy with the fragile state of this setup, so I will keep an eye out on the state of this problem to see if it gets solved in the future 
+The above notes worked, but the cards would drop sync frequently and asterisk would lose comms A vanilla 2.6.9 kernel compiled with an mISDN snapshot from 2005/09/06 is currently running fine, and hasn't lost sync (yet). If this works out, I'll write a better set of notes. If it doesn't, I'll be buying new hardware :)