Sometimes you feel like you're living in a bad movie sketch:

<shiznizzl> how do I search backwards in less?
   <Remosi> ?
   <Remosi> shiznizzl: ?
<Cuchulain> ?
   <Remosi> shiznizzl: the key ?
<shiznizzl> Remosi: yeah
<Cuchulain> or / for forwards
<Cuchulain> Remosi: ?
<Cuchulain>  / ? !
   <Remosi> Cuchulain: what? :)
<shiznizzl>  / is forwards
<shiznizzl> how do I search back?
   <Remosi> shiznizzl: ?
<shiznizzl> from bottom up
<shiznizzl> ?
   <Remosi> ?
<Cuchulain> yes\
<Cuchulain>  ?
<shiznizzl> look
<shiznizzl> fuckers
   <Remosi> shiznizzl: who's on first?
<shiznizzl> oh
<Cuchulain> hahahahah
<shiznizzl> hahahaha

Read a transcript of the original skit by Abbott and Costello, or a video store version.

    <DuEy^> is there a regex for "A can occur 0 or 1 times"
<sammydre_> +
<sammydre_> er
<sammydre_> ?
<sammydre_> A?
    <DuEy^> character A
 <meanphil> A?
<sammydre_> yes
<sammydre_> A?
<sammydre_> is the ANSWER