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 There is more information on the MetaNet page than there is here ! 
 Theres also a WanDaemonToDoList on the wiki 
+WanD is a suite of programs each performing a simple, but specific task.  
+Etud is the "Ethernet Over Udp Driver" program. It's fairly simple. It reads a packet from the kernel (either via ethertap(7) or tuntap(7)), looks at the destination [MAC] address, and looks up inside it's internal "Mac -> Real IP" mapping and sends the packet out over the Internet in a [UDP] packet to that [IP] address. If some data arrives on it's [UDP] port it's even easier, it just takes the data and passes it up to the kernel over the ethertap(7) or tuntap(7) interfaces.  
+The different kernel drivers are dlopen(3)'d at runtime allowing for users to decide to compile different drivers since one of the problems we had with [IPT] was that people couldn't compile it because it statically linked all the various drivers into the main program and their [OS] didn't support that driver.  
+In the main tree head (at the moment) new configuration code has been added.  
+Wand is the bit that makes the MetaNet work. Wand's job is to keep Etud's "Mac -> Real IP" mapping up to date. It sends a packet to any servers it knows of via [UDP] with the [MAC] address of this node in it. It expects a reply back with the current list of Mac addresses. If it doesn't get one, it retransmits quickly reasking for it. For each ([MAC],[IP]) pair, it inserts/updates them into Etud using a Unix domain socket (see unix(7)) using a very trivial protocol.  
+Eventually it would be nice to replace this with a complete peer to peer protocol similar to [IPT]'s (without the war'ing bugs!)  
+Wansd is the Server part of Wand. It gets packets transmitted to it from WanD. It adds these to it's internal ([MAC],[IP]) listing. If this changes it's ([MAC],[IP]) table, it will broadcast this change to all people that participate. It then replies back to the originator with it's full ([MAC],[IP]) listing.  
+Client is a trivial client that talks over the same unix domain socket to Etud as Wand does. It lets you perform simple operations such as "view the current ([MAC],[IP]) table", and "add entry" and "delete entry".