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 option wpad-url " "; 
-(tested with ISC DHCPD server v3..1 and MS IE v6.0 SP2). 
+(tested with ISC DHCPD server v3..1 and MS IE v6.0 SP2). Alternatively (in case this is fixed in future) you may wish to have an autoproxy file with the last letter missing, e.g. "ln -s proxy.pac" (tested and works with the default XP x64 install in Aug 2007, which didn't seem to work with a trailing space in the DHCP option.)  
 or if you're configuring a Windows DHCP server, right click on the server and click "Set predefined options" to add 252 as a String value (it's not in there by defult. See [MS KB 252898 |;EN-US;252898] for more.) 
 !! The DNS method(s) 
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 * RFC:2052 
 * RFC:3040 
 * [Internet Draft on WPAD|] 
-* [ /ProxyAutodetectConf] 
+* [ /ProxyAutodetectConf] 
 * [Super Proxy Scripts|]