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 An [Acronym] for __W__ake __O__n __L__an. 
 A setting that allows a machine to be powered on when a special ethernet frame is received on the network card. 
-You will need to enable WOL in the machine's BIOS, and you will need to know the ethernet card's [MAC] address.  
-Then, (from another machine) you can use the ether-wake package to send the special ethernet frame.  
-On debian: apt-get -u install etherwake.  
+See WakeOnLanNotes  
-Then from the command line, you can do  
- $ ether-wake <macaddress>  
-Or you can add an entry to /etc/ethers with macaddress to hostname entries and just do  
- $ ether-wake <hostname>  
-(Note that the version of etherwake in [Debian] [Woody] doesn't seem to support this)  
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