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 The Waikato Linux Users Group is, of course, the most important Linux Users' Group in the world, and by a country mile, the best lug starting with a W. 
 However, you might be looking for somewhere else: 
-* [Wellington Linux Users Group|http://wlug .naos .co .nz/ ] Slightly closer to home (Too close for comfort? :)  
-* [Whidbey Linux User Group|] Whidbey Island, WA, USA.  
+* [Wellington Linux Users Group|http://www .wellylug .org .nz] Slightly closer to home (Too close for comfort? :) 
 * [Worcester Linux Users' Group|] Worcester, MA, USA 
 * [Westbo Linux User Group|] Sweden 
 * [Wakayama Linux Users Group|] Japan 
 * [Würmtal Linux User Group|] Würmtal Linux User Group aus München, Germany 
 * [Wroclawska Grupa UU Linuksa|] Wroclaw, Poland. 
-* [Western Linux Users Group|] Ontario, Canada.