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 | 5 | Four | Data up to 100Mbps 
 | 5e | Four | Data up to 1000Mbps 
 Category 6 is shielded. (Someone in the know please confirm this) 
+LindsayDruett say's that Cat6 is actually unshielded. Cat 5e is not a standard, but a pusedo standard, it was developed as the "proposed" Cat6 standard, along with Cat5b, Cat5c, Cat5d, has anyone read Cat in the Hat Comes Back ? They talked about Cat6 in 1995, but the EIA/TIA committe laughed and threw it out.  
+LindsayDruett also say's that Cat5 was a major step forward, but with Cat6, "Is the dog wagging the tail, or is the tail wagging the dog ?". Can some produce graphs of a workstation doing more than 100 MBps network ulilisation?