A linux TV viewing application, lives at

See the TvTunerCards for notes and hints on setting up a tv card under linux, and also how to get your remote control working with TvTime.

TvTime configuration lives in .tvtime/ in your home directory. An example station list and configuration for Hamilton, NewZealand is below.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE stationlist PUBLIC "-//tvtime//DTD stationlist 1.0//EN" "">
<stationlist xmlns="">
  <list norm="PAL" frequencies="newzealand">
    <station name="TV1" active="1" position="1" band="VHF E2-E12" channel="E1" finetune="0" norm="PAL"/>
    <station name="TV2" active="1" position="2" band="VHF E2-E12" channel="E4" finetune="0" norm="PAL"/>
    <station name="TV3" active="1" position="3" band="VHF E2-E12" channel="E11" finetune="0" norm="PAL"/>
    <station name="TV4" active="1" position="4" band="VHF E2-E12" channel="E8" finetune="0" norm="PAL"/>
    <station name="Prime" active="1" position="5" band="UHF" channel="U60" finetune="0" norm="PAL"/>
    <station name="MaoriTV" active="1" position="6" band="UHF" channel="U44" finetune="0" norm="PAL"/>


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE tvtime PUBLIC "-//tvtime//DTD tvtime 1.0//EN" "">
<tvtime xmlns="">
  <option name="DefaultBrightness" value="-1"/>
  <option name="DefaultContrast" value="-1"/>
  <option name="DefaultColour" value="-1"/>
  <option name="DefaultHue" value="-1"/>
  <option name="Norm" value="PAL"/>
  <option name="PrevChannel" value="52"/>
  <option name="Channel" value="36"/>
  <option name="FramerateMode" value="0"/>
  <option name="OverScan" value="3.5"/>
  <option name="CheckForSignal" value="1"/>
  <option name="V4LInput" value="0"/>
  <option name="AudioMode" value="stereo"/>
  <option name="Frequencies" value="newzealand"/>
  <option name="FullScreen" value="0"/>