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 Most tunnels are point-to-point. Some examples are: 
 * [SSH] Tunnels. Very easy to set up in user space. See [SSHNotes] for information. 
-* [IPSec] - The 'secure' way to set up tunnels. Kinda broken under Linux atm. 
+* [IPSec] - The 'secure' way to set up tunnels. Kinda broken under [ Linux] atm. 
 * [L2TP] - Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol 
 * [GRE] - Generic Routing Encapsulation. See [GRETunnel] for information 
 * [PPTP] - Point To Point Tunnel Protocol 
+* [IPIP] - IP over [IP] Tunnel  
 You may want to authenticate your users against another machine; look at [RADIUS] and [TACACS].