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 Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is an Internet standard transport layer protocol. It is connection-oriented and stream-oriented, as opposed to UserDatagramProtocol (UDP). 
 Most commonly found as the "TCP/IP Protocol Suite" - TransmissionControlProtocol over InternetProtocol. This is a common shorthand which refers to the suite of transport and application protocols which run over IP. 
+; RFC:793 - Transmission Control Protocol : The original TCP definition. Also STD7.  
+; RFC:1180 - TCP/IP Tutorial : A tutorial on the TCP/IP protocol suite, focusing particularly on the steps in forwarding an IP datagram from source host to destination host through a router.  
+; RFC:3168 - The Addition of Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) to IP : A two-bit IP packet header field that allows to reduce the number of TCP retransmissions in the Internet.  
+; RFC:1323 - TCP Extensions for High Performance : Defines TCP Window Scale option, timestamps, and protection against wrapped sequence numbers (PAWS).  
+; RFC:2018 - TCP Selective Acknowledgement Options : Defines SACK (a technique to better recover from multiple packet losses per round-trip time interval).  
+; BCP28 - Enhancing TCP Over Satellite Channels using Standard Mechanisms - : Best current practices document describing ways to improve TCP performance over satellite links.  
+!Proposed standards and experimental RFCs:  
+; RFC:2481 : A Proposal to add Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) to IP  
+; RFC:2883 : An Extension to the Selective Acknowledgement (SACK) Option for TCP  
+; RFC:2988 : Computing TCP's Retransmission Timer  
+; RFC:2581 : TCP Congestion Control, Proposed standard set of congestion avoidance features in a TCP implementation.  
+; RFC:2582 : The New Reno Modification to TCP's Fast Recovery Algorithm  
+; RFC:2861 : TCP Congestion Window Validation, an experimental RFC that addresses revalidation of TCP congestion window after a period of time when connection wasn't network-limited.  
+; RFC:3042 : Enhancing TCP's Loss Recovery Using Limited Transmit, a standards-track set of changes to TCP that decreases reliance on the retransmission timer.  
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