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-Named TelstraClear as Telstra bought Clear. 
+A New Zealand TelCo. Originally " Clear Communications", it was bought by Australian telco Telstra via their New Zealand division, then called ~TelstraSaturn
-I'm guessing thats why [ZFree ] closed down too . *Sob, sob*  
+TelstraClear have the second largest cable network in New Zealand, behind [TelecomNZ ]. They offer LocalLoop service for residential customers in parts of Wellington and Christchurch and for business customers around most major centres.  
-- Free InternetAccess shut down in NZ because there was no point in it (commercially). There used to be the point that the telcos/ISP's made money because of local call interacess charges or something.. . - ReneBartosh  
+Clear once ran its own Free [ISP], [ZFree]. It prospered because of "broken" interconnect agreements with Telecom, but when Telecom fixed the loophole the service was shut down
-Isn't it something like !TelstraSaturnClear this week? and perhaps !TelstraSaturnClearIridiumBellSouthVodaphoneEtc next week?  
- redirects to  
-But has a link for it's Saturn TV services that points to I'm guessing that they're as confused about it as we are...  
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