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-An [Acronym] for __T__ool __C__ommand __L__anguage.  
+An [Acronym] with multiple meanings:  
-Also, (in NewZealand), an acronym for TelstraClear __L__imited.  
-TCL (in the first sense) is a scripting language embedded in many applications, much like [Elisp] is used in [Emacs] and VisualBasic is in many MicrosoftWindows applications. (This does not mean these languages have anything in common; actually they're about as far apart from each other as imaginably possible.)  
-While not well suited for writing large programs, its common combination with the [Tk] ToolKit makes creating [GUI]s fairly easy — the VisualBasic of the Unix world, if you will.  
-Most people would probably consider it obsolete; the dwindling popularity of [Tk] only contributes to this. [Perl], [Python] and [Ruby] are all far preferrable.  
-See also:  
-* The Tcl community is working on the official [Tcl Tutorial | ]  
-* [The Tcler's wiki |], a useful resource on Tcl .  
-* [Manual Pages | http ://]  
-* [Tcl Developer Xchange |]  
-* [The Tcl newsgroup | http://groups -beta]  
-* [Tclwise |], a partially online book about Tcl, may be a little challenging to newcomers but worthwhile.  
-CategoryProgrammingLanguages, CategoryVeryHighLevelProgrammingLanguages  
+__T__ool __C__ommand __L__anguage:  
+ A scripting language nowadays preferrably referred to as [Tcl].  
+TelstraClear __L__imited :  
+ A tier -1 telecommunications provider in NewZealand