SpringGraph is a GPL'd program for creating a visual graph of nodes and links (which must be given in a special ".dot" file format).

It can be used (for example) to create a pretty graph of a WebOfTrust such as signatures between a set of GPG keys.

The original version can be found online at

We have an improved version that will generate PostScript output (which can then be used to create PDFs) available for download at

A example PDF file of the WLUG WebOfTrust (from JohnMcPherson's point of view) is available here.

There are a number of issues with this approach to this method of generating graphs. The first is that it depends on

gpg --list-sigs

which is n^2 time complexity with the number of keys and consumes considerable memory for large keyrings. The second is that springgraph itself has at least exponential time complexity (and appears to perform particularly bad when there are many diconnected signatures). So while this is a good technique for graphing your local sub-graph, using it to graph your place in the over-all WebOfTrust isn't so cunning.