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 Canon have a USB2 scanner in their "~CanoScan" series called the "LiDE 20" which worked fine with the [SANE] scanner libraries in [Linux]. (Apparently the LiDE 30 works as well.) It is based on the same chip as many Plustek-brand scanners, so make sure <tt>plustek</tt> is loaded in [SANE]'s <tt>dll.conf</tt> file. This scanner is also completely powered through the [USB] cable, so make sure it is plugged directly into a powered hub and not daisy-chained through another device or unpowered hub. 
 If you have an Acer ~ScanPrisa 640U there are eight <tt>.bin</tt> files in the firmware download. The one that you need is <tt>u96v121.bin</tt> 
+!! Software hints  
+The easiest way to scan is to do File, Acquire from within [TheGIMP]  
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