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- Date: 29 April 2006  
- Time: 11am - 4pm  
- Location: [7 Fox Lane|]  
+Date: 29 April 2006%%%  
+Time: 11am - 4pm%%%  
+Location: [7 Fox Lane|] 
-Facilities available;  
- 2Mbps internet,phone line, terrestrial and satelite tv connections for mythtv , spare power leads, tables 
+Facilities available: 2Mbps internet, phone line, terrestrial and satellite TV connections for MythTv , spare power leads and tables.  
 The BBQ will be fired up at a convenient time for lunch. 
-Hopefully a mythtv "expert " will be available to help out this time. Watch this space...  
+A couple of WLUG "experts " will be on site to help out, including one who can make MythTV go!  
- [] 
+(the top of the "A" in Lane points to the venue)