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 !!! Administrative mail accounts 
 Make sure you have a <tt>postmaster@</tt> and <tt>abuse@</tt> [Email] addresses that have the least number of filters ([Spam], [Virus], etc) on them. People may try to send you mail to notify you that your machine is broken and explain how you can fix it, but if you treat all mail from their machine as invalid, you'll never hear about the problem. 
+!!! Pipelining  
+Pipelining is often used to improve SMTP performance. It allows remote MTAs to keep sending data without waiting for your server response. Spammers can make use of this by sending their entire spam in just a handful of packets then disconnecting, rather than having to wait for the entire protocol negotiation. If you disable pipelining, and your MTA checks for protocol compliance, you may find your spam load drops significantly.  
 !!! Misc 
 Try to run an [IDENT] server on your mail server. Several mail servers still try to check [IDENT] by default. If you don't have [IDENT] enabled, then make sure you don't just drop packets to the [IDENT] port, or you will cause other MailServer~s to wait for a time out before they let you send any [Email], slowing everything down.