Software Freedom Day Barcamp -- Events Room 1

A second series of talks, in the tradition of barcamp, will be going on in Events Room 1 during Software Freedom Day. We will loosely organize a few talks, but the idea is that everyone participates and anyone can sign up to give a talk on something they are interested in.

Events room 1, will be split between an exposition area, with table displays as you walk in, and toward the stage we will setup chairs where presentations and other activities throughout the day will be scheduled and changed on the fly.

The camp will get started at 10am, with a presentation on "Understanding FOSS" that gives a big picture overview of our community, building on Martin Owens work here. After that the floor is open, and you can have 15 or 30 minute slots, depending on how much time you need. Depending on how many people are lined up, you can go over or under time, there are no strict rules about this, but we will try to wrangle things as best we can.

 Time   Topic   Presenter 
 10:00   Understanding FOSS   someone 
 10:30   you decide   you 
 11:00   you decide   you 
 11:30   you decide   you 
 Noon   lunch break    
 1:00   you decide   you 
 1:30   you decide   you 
 2:00   you decide   you 
 2:30   you decide   you 
 3:00   you decide   you 
 3:30   you decide   you 

Topic suggestions:

  • Software Patent Bill
  • How to use the WLUG Wiki
  • Localization/running Linux under a different language
  • Virtualbox and other virtualization technologies
  • Wine
  • Music programs