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-Start Regedit  
-Navigate to: 
+Windows XP tries to sign or seal the secure channel between the workstation and the domain controller. This causes the following error:  
+__Windows cannot connect to the domain either because the domain controller is down or otherwise unavailable or because your computer account was not found.__  
+The domain controller may record:  
+__Event ID: 5723__  
+__The session setup from the computer <Computername> failed to authenticate. The name of the account referenced in the security database is <Computername>. The following error occurred: Access is denied.__  
+The client may record:  
+__Event Source: NETLOGON__  
+__Event ID: 3227__  
+__Description: The session setup to the Windows NT or Windows 2000 domain controller \\<!ServerName> for the domain <!DomainName> failed because \\<!ServerName> does not support signing or sealing the Netlogon session. Either upgrade the domain controller or set the !RequireSignOrSeal registry entry on this machine to .__  
+!!Option 1: Manual registry editing  
+ Start Regedit, navigate to: 
 and change 
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+!!Option 2: The only way Microsoft advocates changing this setting  
+# Use Control Panel to open Local Security Policy in the Administrative Tools.  
+# Navigate to Local Policies / Security Options.  
+# Double-click Domain Member:Digitally encrypt or sign secure channel data (always).  
+# Press Disabled.  
+# Press Apply and OK.  
+!!Option #3: registry file  
+Save the followig text to requiresignorseal.reg and then right click->Merge  
+ [[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\!CurrentControlSet\Services\Netlogon\Parameters]  
+ "requiresignorseal"=dword:00000000  
+This file can be found in the docs/Registry directory of the Samba 2.2.2 source distribution as WinXP_!SignOrSeal.reg.