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 ReneBartosh has a WebSite,, which is infrequently maintained. He is also known as __kirjava__ on [IRC]/[Jabber] etc. ([see why |]). 
 ReneBartosh should really be spelt "René Bartosh" and is pronounced like "café". 
-ReneBartosh is involved with the [HBLUG] and is planning on becoming involved with the [WLUG] when he living in Hamilton (few months each year)
+ReneBartosh was previously involved with the [HBLUG] and is the 2012 WlugSecretary since moving to Hamilton in 2010
 His favourite OpenSource programs include: 
 * [Mozilla] [Firefox | MozillaFirefox] and [Thunderbird | MozillaThunderbird] 
 * [Jabber] and all other [IM] [Protocol]s (reportedly uses about 7 with [Pidgin]). 
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 * vim and nano ("emacs is a nice OS without a good text editor") 
 * PHP/Apache/MySQL/postfix/dovecot 
 * [Ubuntu] 
+jid:kirjava@gmail .com  
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