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  * The popular <tt><!----------></tt> style "separators" are dangerous. With any numbers of dashes that is not a multiple of four, you will leave an open comment section around, so the rest of your page will be commented out. 
  * Using <tt>--</tt> inside a comment actually closes it. The rest of what was supposed to be a comment will spill into your page. Best to only use double dashes at the start and end of the comment and avoid any more than space-separated single dashes altogether inside it. 
-* Don't use <tt>document.all</tt> in your JavaScript 
+* Don't use <tt>document.all</tt> in your JavaScript. Also, don't use <tt>element.innertext</tt>, use innerHTML instead.  
-* Don't use MSXMLDOC 
+* Don't use MSXMLDOC.  
 See a [great guide on the specifics |] and the [Mozilla Web Author FAQ |]. IBM have also [migrating web apps from IE to Mozilla|] 
 !! Should I support Netscape any more? 
 If you support [Mozilla], you're supporting Netscape 7 and up. These days it's realistic to drop support for any version of Netscape 4 or below.