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 The best news from Real for a while is the announcement of the HelixCommunity: 
 RealPlayer forced MatthiasDallmeier to reinstall Windows after it highjacked all the default settings. %%% ''His fault for using Windows in the first place. ;) Wait - you can use Windows?'' --AristotlePagaltzis 
+RealPlayer forced zcat(1) to waste an entire afternoon learning how gnome uses mime-types to associate files with their applications. RealPlayer hijacked all Gnome's mime-types for mp3, wav, au, and a bunch of other formats, introduced new types for RealFlash and flash2-preview (breaking Macromedia's flash plugin for Mozilla) and set itself as the default player for a bunch of flash games that it was completely incapable of playing. Don't think that you're safe from Real's crap just because you don't run Windows!  
 ''!RealOne is a disgustingly [Bloat]ed piece of software - full of features you don't want but Real wants you to use, such as content channels/browsers or whatever.'' --SimonCrosby 
 ''A word of warning - The people that make RealPlayer (and it's latest incarnation RealOne) have a long history with SpyWare. Any which one version of RealPlayer may send of all sorts of information to, and might install other SpyWare without notifying you. (Comet-cursor, Gator, Bonzi-buddy, etc etc) - use with caution!'' --MarcelVanDeSteeg 
 I've __never__ seen RealPlayer install any spy ware short of what it reports to, which is easily turned off. -- CraigBox 
+Go to this site for excellent details on How to prevent RealPlayer from spying on a windows computer  
+ That is if you cannot live without it :) -- TroyOldert