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-A great Classic Rock radio station.%%% 
+A Classic Rock radio station.%%%  
 The frequency is 96.0FM in the [Waikato]. targets Males 25-49 (Waikato audience is 58% Male) Mid-High Socio Economic groups, Self employed and main income earner skew. Their interests are Family, Sports, Music/concerts. 
 Radio Hauraki is the perfect medium to reach the busy man. In the car, in the office or workshop. Hauraki reaches men where they are in their own space and are more receptive. 
 Research International 04-1 Waikato survey of 25-49 y/o Hauraki reaches 25,700 listeners, per 4 weeks, 32.3% of the available audience, or, 14,900 39.6% of Males, 10,800 25.5% of Females. Contact the Station at 07-858 0700