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 The RT2400 and RT2500 WirelessChipsets have a [GPL] [driver|]. 
  "Ralink worked with Mark Wallis, Ivo van Doorn, Luis Correia, Robin Cornelius and others to get a supported driver out there under the GPL". "Special thanks to Minitar, the network gear vendor with the foresight to ask Ralink to make the driver GPL". 
+!RT2500USB adapter, Linux 2.6 / FreeBSD 6.x  
+James Spooner writes:  
+The Dick Smith USB 2.0 802.11g WLAN Adaptor (XH8344) is a RT2500USB (rt2570) adapter and work with Linux and FreeBSD.  
+Under Linux use the rt2570 drivers from, I believe that the rt2x00 unified drivers work - but I can't be sure - YMMV.  
+Under FreeBSD (6.0) the Ural driver works out of the box.  
+NB: This device *REQUIRES* a USB 2.0 port to work, I have not found a machine (FreeBSD or Linux) that can use the device in USB 1.x mode, it intermittantly associates, but fails to maintain the connection.  
 !RT2500 card, [SUSE] 9.3