Privacy Policy

Status: draft only.

WLUG is committed to honouring the privacy of our website visitors and mailing list subscribers.

Information collected

We record information about visits and mailing list subscriptions:

  1. To supply messages you've requested. For example, to keep you informed about events you've requested information about, and to keep you informed about future events if you've asked for us to.
  2. To improve the service we provide.
  3. To prevent abuse and unwanted email.

Mailing list

You will never be signed up to the WLUG mailing list without your express permission. All subscriptions must be confirmed by the recipient before they take effect. We may submit your address to the verification queue for you if you've asked us to (we sometimes collect addresses at public events for this reason), but you are the only one who can confirm that subscription.

Please note that the list is a general public list, and that WLUG can accept no responsibility as to mail sent to it by other subscribers. Please also be aware that mail sent to it is publicly visible, with all the benefits and hazards that follow.

You can unsubscribe at any time. {link?}

Your address is used to keep you properly subscribed, and will not be used for any other reason at all.


{need text here: guaranteed anonymity for visitors, limited for contributors, caveat on site contents, gentle warning against abusing the site.}}

As with the mailing list, the wiki is also a public resource and hence WLUG can accept no responsibility as to contents. To correct inappropriate or obviously wrong content on any page please contact {contact?}.

No disclosure

WLUG takes your privacy seriously. We will not release any personal data (such as email addresses) to third parties for any reason unless required to by law, and we take precautions to ensure we only use your personal data for purposes you've explicitly requested.

Access to information

Information stored by WLUG that is related to your subscription is accessible through our site's login interface. You may adjust your information at any time. {can someone verify this?}

If you have any concerns about information stored, please contact us at {contact?}