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 A device for making hard copies of digital documents. 
-There are three main systems for printing under [Linux], the lpr (1 ) system, [CUPS] and SambaPrinting.  
+In rough order of age and quality:  
+* line-printers (the print head spans the width of the form-feed paper )  
+* dot-matrix (like a line-printer but with a much smaller and movable print head)  
+* ink-jet  
+* laser-jet  
+There are two main systems for printing under [Linux], the [BSD] style lpr(1) system (including clones like lprng), and the newer [CUPS] (which includes optional lpr-style programs for backwards compatibility).  
+There are higher level printing systems (such as gimpprint and SambaPrinting) that use one or both of the above-mentioned backends.  
+See [CUPSNotes] for more information on printing from Linux.