After attending a WLUG meeting for the first time, StephenHeise? believes that some members of the WLUG need to give their PersonalHygiene some attention. With that in mind…

Yes, I know this is not finished – I’m working on it.StephenHeise?

The more pressing factor here is not BO, it’s the collective amounts of BO on clothes that are not washed more often than kernels are compiled.JamesSpooner

It's pretty hard when I compile kernels on average 5 times a day when working on the kernel actively.IanMcDonald

What Is BO?

BO stands for Body Odor. It is the smell of your body. It is caused by bacteria that live on your body. The more bacteria there are the stronger the smell is.

Why Is BO Bad?

BO is bad for a number of reasons. Firstly, a lot of people do not like the smell of other people’s BO.

How Do I Prevent BO?

By showering and using deodorant.

Why Should I Shower?

Showering removes BO, dirt, bacteria and dead skin from your body. Removing BO is important because other people will not enjoy the smell of your BO. If you have strong BO people will tend to avoid contact with you. Removing dirt, bacteria and dead skin increases your health. Bacteria eat your dead skin. So by having a shower you not only remove the bacteria themselves, you also help to remove their food supply. It is important to remove bacteria because they cause BO and will cause an infection to any cuts or scrapes you may receive.

You will also have no hope of scoring with the opposite sex and that (despite what you may think) is an extremely bad thing.

How Often Should I Shower?

Ideally you should shower at least twice a week and after any physical exercise. You may get away with once every week but any longer than that and you will develop BO. Once month or year is definitely not recommended.

Should I Shower once or twice a day?

Showering once a day is acceptable. (In the case that you don’t much physical activity or labourous work, showering once every two days is fine.) Often a combination of daytime exercise (biking to university, school or work, for example) and evening social activities suggest showering twice.

Experiance suggests that humans are not soluble, so you don’t have to worry about being washed away.

OTOH, more hot water = higher electricity or gas bills. Keep shower time down to the required time.

How Do I Shower?

First, get yourself a face cloth (also known as a flannel), a sponge or a loufe. Beginners may find that a face cloth is easier and more intuitive to use. Find out from your flat mates what the deal with soap or body wash is. In some flats everyone uses communal soap or body wash, in others everyone has their own or body wash. It is considered very inappropriate behavior to use someone else’s personal soap or body wash without asking. If in doubt, get you own.

Go to your bathroom. Close the door. You may feel more comfortable if you lock the door. Next, without getting into the actual shower, examine it. It will either have two taps or a single mixer. If it has two taps determine which the hot tap is and which the cold tap is. The cold tap will have a “C” on it and/or a blue marker. The other will be the hot tap will have an “H” on it and/or a red marker. Turn the cold tap on about half. Then turn the hot tap on full. If you have a mixer, simply turn it to about warm. While waiting for the water to warm up remove all of your clothes. Don’t be embarrassed – most people do this every day. Adjust the cold tap or the mixer so that water is at a comfortable temperature. With a bit of practice you find this very easy.

Please note, in countries like France, you have the “C” tap and the “F” tap, the “C” tap is not the cold tap, it’s the hot tap. The “F” tap is the cold tap.

Now get in the shower. At first you should just enjoy the warm water flowing over your body. Next, wet your face cloth, sponge or loufe (here after referred to as your body cleaner). Also wet your soap. Be careful – soap is very slippery when it is wet. If you ever find youself in a public shower with other guys and you drop the soap do not bend over to pick it up. Just leave it there. Now, lather up your body cleaner. If you have soap, rub the soap with your body cleaner in such a way as it “soaks up” a mixture of soap and water. If you have body wash simply pour a small amount directly onto the body cleaner. Now scrub yourself, quite literally, from head to foot. Don’t scrub too hard or skin will go red and hurt. Close your eyes and mouth while scrubbing your face. Don’t forget to clean your ears (this may cause your hearing to improve). Your back may be hard to reach, but it is important to scrub it as well.

Once this is completed, rinse all the soap of your body. Now is an excellent time to consider washing your hair. If the shower has two taps turn the hot tap off first, then quickly turn the cold tab off. If the shower has a mixer, turn it quickly to the off position. Now step out the shower. Grab your towel and thoughly dry yourself (especially between your toes). Now is a great time to apply deodorant. Put your clothes on (a clean set is recommended).

If you have been in the shower for a long time, you may find that your finger tips and toe tips will “swell up”. Don’t worry about this – it is perfectly normal and will go away shortly after you get out of the shower.

Why Should I Use Deodorant?

To prevent BO.

How Often Should I Use Deodorant?

This depends on your skin type and the environment in which you live, the amount you perspire changed due to environmental factors such as heat and humidity. In hot humid environments it is advisable to use a spray on deodorant up to 3 times a day.

In normal conditions spray on deodorant can be used once daily.

How Do I Use Deodorant?

  • Spray-On Deodorant:

    1. Shake deodorant vessel.
    2. Lift left arm
    3. Aim deodorant nozzle at arm pit
    4. Depress valve actuator on deodorant vessel
    5. Put left arm down and place deodorant in it
    6. Lift right arm
    7. Repeat steps 2 and 3
    8. Put right arm down
  • Roll-On Deodorant:
  • Stick Deodorant:

What’s the difference between Deodorant and Anti-Persperant?

Deodorant aims to reduce BO. Anti-Persperant aims to reduce persperation. Many products do both. Not all products work equally well for all people. In particular cyclists who cycle to school/work are often better to go for a “Sports” brand. These brands have fewer volitile active ingrediants.

Why Should I Brush My Teeth?

The act of brushing teeth is performed to removed plaque and bacteria that cause Decay of the teeth, it also helps to eliminate mouth odor (bad breath) and removes unsightly material such as food remains and pubic hairs.

How Often Should I Brush My Teeth?

Brush for at least 2 minutes, twice a day.

How Do I Brush My Teeth?

Please see Colgate’s Excellent Guide to Teeth Brushing Techniques and Colgate’s Guide to Brushing Interactive Tool.