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 [POSIX_ME_HARDER] is an alias for the [POSIXLY_CORRECT] an environment variable that can be used for some programs, particularly those written by people exasperated by some aspect of the [POSIX] standards. 
-RMS quote (from an interview with Linuxcare in 1999, no longer online?): 
+RMS quote (from an interview with Linuxcare in 1999, no longer online? [archive at | ] ): 
 > To have an excuse to say that we still support the spec, if you define the environment variable, [POSIX_ME_HARDER] was the original way. 
 > Then a slightly prudish board member convinced me to change it to [POSIXLY_CORRECT] which I now think was a mistake. 
 > I should have left it as [POSIX_ME_HARDER].