A 100% server side, web-based replacement for the Exchange/Outlook horror combination. Website at Supports LDAP, Cyrus/Courier IMAP mailstore or pop3 for the weak-hearted. Multiple sql backends available, including MSSQL. A vast plethora of plugins have been debianised, including but not limited to: a shared mp3 manager, a shared Napster client (to be dropped), WAP support, homepages, IRC, SOAP, RSS....

debian apt-get install phpgroupware

Warning: these packages are rather broken & out of date - a bad patch on top of a 0.9.13 prerelease (current from is (0.9.16RC1 coming soon)). The project recommends and supports the current release files listed on the project download page.

I'll add tricks as I learn them.

LDAP support on Debian

For whatever reason, the .schema files required for phpGroupware are in the package phpgroupware-api-doc. They are placed here as all api docs are a seperate deb ,and the LDAP schemas live in the api/doc/ldap directory inc cvs