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 [Acronym] for __P__eople __C__an't __M__emorise __C__omputer __I__ndustry __A__cronyms. 
 Ain't it true? 
+More boringly, stands for __P__ersonal __C__omputer __M__emory __C__ard __I__nternational __A__ssociation.  
+These are the credit-card-sized cards that can be inserted into most laptops (and several desktop) computers. These are now known as "PC Cards" as it is easier to remember.  
+Some examples of pc cards include network card, firewire card and CompactFlash reader cards.  
+PCMCIA was the old 16-bit standard - the newer 32-bit procotol is called CardBus. However, these terms appear to be used interchangeably, although "CardBus" is much easier to say. I think PCMCIA uses the [ISA] [Bus], while CardBus uses [PCI].