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-The real name of [borland]
+Used to live with CraigBox and PhilMurray. Hopefully isn't too scarred
-Not as pants as you might think , but more pants than you might like =)  
+Is a MicrosoftWindows loving fool , but not as much as Craig.  
-I'd rather play quake than talk about linux , as it's much more fun, but there's a time and a place for everything isn't there .  
-I spose fun is also relative =D I'd hate to see some people's ideas of fun  
+[Nick]: borland. Found [here|] , not [here |]
-Popular consensus seems that borland would rather play quake than do anything else at all ;) -- Nevada Residents Association.  
-Bah that's just linux, and that's just a joke - I enjoy and do reasonably well at almost all other forms of computing =)  
+<?plugin WlugLicenseAgreement ?>  
+ -----