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@@ -42,9 +42,8 @@
  uniqueMember: cn=alice,ou=Accounts,$BASEDN 
  uniqueMember: cn=James Curtis,ou=Accounts,$BASEDN 
  uniqueMember: cn=Perry Lorier,ou=Accounts,$BASEDN 
 Adding/Removing people from the uniqueMember relation will grant/revoke their access. 
-Note: I got an Object class violation error using the ou=!AdminUsers notation. Changing ou=!AdminUsers to cn=!AdminUsers helped here :-)  
  by dnattr=owner write 
 This checks to see if the user doing the access appears in the "owner" attribute of the object being modified. For instance, if cn=charlie,ou=Accounts,$BASEDN wanted to access cn=bob,ou=Accounts,$BASEDN's foo attribute, then this sould check to see if cn=charlie,ou=Accounts,$BASEDN appeared in cn=bob,ou=Accounts,$BASEDN's owner attribute first.