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 [Acronym] for __O__riginal __E__quipment __M__anufacturer. 
-an [ OEM] version of a program is usually a stripped down version of the package ( the software is the same , but it won't come in a fancy box, or maybe have any of the extra stuff ( manuals etc)) that is designed to be designed to be preinstalled on the machine when you recieve it. 
+OEM software is software sold under special agreement for the purpose of bundling with hardware. Computer vendors are typically OEMs. There is also a market for OEM software sold unbundled at very low prices, which is usually in violation of the agreement the OEM has with the software company.  
+OEM software is usually not accompanied by regular packaging , such as a box, and may come without manuals.  
+OEM hardware is similar to OEM software - sold to computer makers at lower prices, without the packaging, etc.  
+The warranty for an OEM version may be different than it would be otherwise