Installing the Novell Zenworks Desktop Management ConsoleOne snapin

I've yet to get the ConsoleOne plugin for this to work cleanly under linux, but it works fine from a windows workstation. The easiest procedure I have found to do this is:

  • Install ConsoleOne from the Companion CD, or downloaded via the internet
  • Insert the Zenworks Desktop Management for Windows cd into a windows workstation, and browse through to the 'Desktop Management' section
  • Run the Desktop Management Services installer
  • After accepting the license, deselect 'Extend eDirectory schema', and don't enter a tree name in. Hit next.
  • You'll be prompted if you wish to extend the local machine with the management snap-ins.
  • Done.

As a cavaet, the above may need to be performed from a machine that already has the Novell client installed, and you may already need to be authenticated as an admin user to eDirectory.

I can login via Novell Client, but it prompts me for a local windows account

How do I get Windows to create local users for my eDirectory users?

You need to enable a Dynamic Local User (DLU) policy for the user, group or workstation involved. Install ConsoleOne and the Zenworks Desktop Management snap-in (detailed above), and use this to create a User policy package. Associate this policy with the user, group or workstation involved.

To set up DLU on the policy, right click on the User policy package, and in the Policies tab, select the platforms for which you wish to enable DLU. Select the 'Dynamic Local User' policy, enable it, and edit the properties.

You probably want to 'Enable Dynamic Local User', 'Manage existing user account (if any)', 'Use edirectory credentials', and set some groups. I disable 'Volatile user', because I don't mind if user accounts stay round on the workstations.

For more notes, read the Zenworks Desktop Management documentation

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