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-New User? Lost? Confused?  
+Thanks for stopping by.  
-What is a WikiWikiWeb might be a good place to start
+I am..
-Hint: while this wiki is being tidied up, you should note that anyone can create/change a page. To log in, enter any WikiWord - two or more words with capital letters joined together, such as HomePage or PerryLorier. It will ask you for a password, it will accept anything as a password for some reason. This might change in the future, but at the moment, who cares? To create a page, all you have to do is refer to it with a WikiWord; for example.  
+* NewToWiki  
+* NewToLinux  
- Create me a !PagePlease  
-will generate Create me a PagePlease.  
-See also HowToUseWiki, and AddingPages, for more information. After you've learnt your way around the wiki abit , I highly recommend viewing the RecentChanges (top left of the page) to keep "up to date" on the latest trends :)  
-You might want to have a play in the SandBox to see how things work. Remember you can always preview a page before you save it.  
-There's a small but growing WikiFaq
+If you're both , start at NewToWiki and learn a bit about what this site is